The Co-op Food Share Programme

June 25, 2021

SID, along with Mactaggart Youth and Families Outreach Services, has been accepted on to the Co-op Food Share Programme. This is a new initiative whereby Co-op Food Share donates food that stores have been unable to sell but are still good to eat. SID and Mactaggart Youth and Families Outreach Services have co-ordinated a collection service to be made on scheduled days throughout the week for all four primary schools across the island. The food collected mainly includes fruit which is then prepared and offered to children as a healthy morning snack.

The benefits are numerous, not only does it save school funds, but the provision of a healthy nutritious snacks has already made a noticeable difference. In Port Ellen Primary School, Mrs Macdonald, Headteacher has described how there is now a calmness amongst school children, they are more focussed on their work, and come lunch time children are hungrier and finish their food which means less wastage. There is noticeably less litter in the playground and the children are more willing to try out different types of fruit. The programme has been rolled out across the island with great success. They are a caring, sharing Co-op!

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